All retro consoles eventually break. Rest assured we are here to help.


We offer free initial diagnostics for all repair work. We will take a look at the issues and suggest a course of action to return your system to working order. If advanced diagnostics that require labor to troubleshoot further come up, we will quote you the service charge for those diagnostics before we go any further.

repair parts

Many older consoles do not have a fresh supply of new parts available. We do our best to source repair parts from reputable vendors and attempt to obtain new parts where feasible. All other parts will be refurbished and like new when available.

Transaction handling

We are partnered with Toche Station and Echo Base in Northern Virginia for all local sales and service. Feel free to stop by one of their locations to drop off any systems needing repair.

For online transactions that require shipping, contact us and we will discuss your situation with you.

Contact us with any questions you may have. Quotes are always available.