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Whatever your retro gaming needs, we can handle it.

Console mods

Our primary service is providing enhancements to you existing systems. From simple LED mods to advanced optical drive emulators, we can do it all. Click the link below for a list of mods available.

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Appearance mods

For a truly unique modification to your system, we can apply a custom paint job to most console systems. From basic color changes to detailed artwork, we will give you something that will stand out from everything else.

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repair services

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arcade cabinets

Desire your own arcade setup? We can provide everything from handheld systems, arcade cabinets, and full home theater integration.

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About us & Contact INFORMATION

Karai Customs is a veteran owned and operated service located in the Northern Virginia area.

We work almost exclusively with Tosche Station (Springfield VA) and Tosche Station Echo Base (Centreville VA) in providing business services and products to our customers. Both shops operate as drop off and pickup points for your gear and are able to process any payment transactions required.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Email contact is preferred initially or drop your system off at Tosche Station/Echo Base and let them know it's for Karai Customs to look at.

Feel free to drop your system off at either Echo Base or Tosche Station for free diagnostics. We will take a look and get back to you with our recommendations and an initial quote. Most diagnostic services are free.

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Console Modifications

Audio/video mods, harddrive mods, and a ton of other Mods

Using state of the art technologies, many aging consoles can be upgraded to support features they never had to begin with. Everything from simple component audio/video (AV) output to full optical drive replacements that no longer require the actual optical disk to function. Read on for more details

Audio/Video Output

Using conversion boards internal to the system, additional audio/video output options can be realized.

Many older consoles did not include component AV output, so they are stuck using analog RF modulators to get their signals into a TV. Modern televisions are doing away with analog inputs as digital HDMI takes over completely.

By upgrading the consoles to support non-RF AV output, you will no longer need to find an old, unreliable, television that has an analog tuner for RF.

There are many options available for the many different consoles and we can help you pick one that is right for you. From HDMI, top of the line RGB output, or basic composite video connections, there are many A/V mods to choose from.


Using new circuits and custom electronic hardware, additional features can be added to many consoles. Ever wish you had a pause button for your Atari 2600? It can be done now via a console mod. Want to add or change the color of the power light? We can do it.

Optical Drive emulators & Hardrives

Using advanced processor-based mods, optical drives for the original Sony Playstation, NEC Turbografx-16/PC Engine CD, Sega CD, Sega Saturn, and Sega Dreamcast can be installed. This will allow for the use of backups of your games to be run from an SD card or internal hard disk on your console.

For consoles that support hard disk installations, we can work to install or upgrade existing devices to support higher capacities and additional features.

LED bling

Want your console to light up a room? We can install many different LED based setups that add a glow to your favorite console. Paired with a translucent shell modification, your console will truly shine in the dark.

Upgraded handhelds

We can upgrade many handhelds with new LCD screens that include backlighting and other features along with audio amp upgrades and custom USB rechargeable lithium-ion battery solutions.

Appearance modifications

Making unique, one-of-a-kind consoles

Using automotive and industrial grade paint finishes, we can alter the external appearance of any console available.

Basic color schemes

Want something simple yet unique? We have it covered. Pick a color and final finish and we will make it happen. Using colors available from recognized paint brands such as CreateX and House of Kolor, and clearcoat finishes in matt, satin (semi-matt), or multiple levels of gloss, we can really make your console pop.

Candy finishes

Desire a hot-rod finish? We can apply candy coats, where the basecoat is metallic and a translucent color is applied over it, with ease. Just let us know what color you want and we will do the rest.

Graphic arts

Want to take it to the next level? We can apply effects on any paint job as desired. Want a low-rider style Genesis or NES? We can apply effects such as fish scales, fans, lace, flames and many other patterns. Need something even more detailed? We can do many freehand airbrushed details for any idea under the sun. Hit us up and we can help you smooth out any idea into something doable.

Specialty paints

While they do cost a little more, we can apply specialty paint to include pearls, color-shifting, glow-in-the-dark, and metal flake.

REPAIR services

Making broken consoles work again


All retro consoles eventually break. Rest assured we are here to help.


We offer free initial diagnostics for all repair work. We will take a look at the issues and suggest a course of action to return your system to working order. If advanced diagnostics that require labor to troubleshoot further come up, we will quote you the service charge for those diagnostics before we go any further.

repair parts

Many older consoles do not have a fresh supply of new parts available. We do our best to source repair parts from reputable vendors and attempt to obtain new parts where feasible. All other parts will be refurbished and like new when available.

Transaction handling

We are partnered with Toche Station and Echo Base in Northern Virginia for all local sales and service. Feel free to stop by one of their locations to drop off any systems needing repair.

For online transactions that require shipping, contact us and we will discuss your situation with you.


Handheld to full size arcade consoles and cabinets

Want a full size arcade cabinet and heard bad things about the ones from your local chain store? We can provide it for you. Same thing if you want something a little smaller.

Full & mid-sized size arcade cabinets

We offer custom made arcade systems in two player, four player, light gun-based, or driving configurations. Full size and bar-top configurations are available. All of our systems utilize full PC-based setups where possible with a range of capabilities available. PC based systems offer the ability to integrate your PC gaming collection into the cabinet also and you can link your Steam library easily.

Home theater integration

We offer full services for integrating our arcade consoles into most home theater systems. Whether you have a simple TV only setup or a full size 200" screen setup, we have the knowledge and technical expertise to get you up and running.

Options include rack-mounted systems, wireless or wired controllers, control consoles, and a host of other options.

Small console configurations

If you are space constrained and need something a little smaller, we offer fully integrated solutions in small form-factor configurations. Systems are plug-and-play with multiple options available.

Due to the cost of these solutions, we will work with you to determine what will suit your requirements and provide a quotation for all parts & services. Once you accept the quote, a down-payment of at least 50% of the total cost will be required for us to proceed. This will be used to procure parts and supplies for the final unit.

Please contact us for more information on these high-end setups.

OTHER Products & services

Custom models, items, and random bits of stuff

SciFi & Gundam models

Custom models from many popular franchises are available or can be built to order. All models are highly detailed and painted. Ask us for more information and what we can do for you.

Custom stickers

We provide design and cut services for small batch stickers and window decals.

Inquire for more information.

Custom Tee Shirts

We provide design and print services for small batch tee shirts (1 to 5 shirts only).

Inquire for more information.

Life advice

We are not licensed or anything, but we are more than willing to sit down over a beer, bourbon, coffee, or tea and talk about anything. It may be good advice, it may only be mediocre, but we will listen.